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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Pooch Profile: Happy

On Wednesday morning, I decided to spend my time reading by the shores of Lake Erie, because when one's been awake since 5 AM, driving since 6:15, by 8:30 or so, things like a bench and a breeze off the water seem both romantic and necessary. And then I heard it: the unmistakable staccato of the tiny dog, a happy prance that can only come from four little feet.

That's how I met Happy, and her people, Robin and Henry


Name: Happy

Age: 3

Breed: Chihuahua


How did you meet?

Robin and Henry always cared for dogs. . .big dogs, like vizslas. Friends, who owned a chiweenie, one day urged the couple to think of the smaller end of the canine spectrum. After all, there would soon be some chihuahua puppies in need of a good home. In the couple's circle of dog-lovers, the problem became who would take which pup--between Happy, and another chihuahua (a white one). Robin and Henry decided upon Happy, while the other couple took the other pup. And then, they struck a deal: Since they all adored the little dogs, they would take over puppy sitting, whenever one couple went away and couldn't take the dog. Now, when Happy has to be away from her adoring humans, she can play with her "sisters," and live up to her name at the same time.


Why the name?

"Well, as soon as we saw her," Robin recalls, "she was boingin' up and down like she was happy, and that was the name for her!" Happy still lives up to the title, happily--yet politely--pawing Robin's or Henry's leg until she can get picked up for a cuddle (and improve the scope of her view)!


How long have you three been together?

Since Happy was a few weeks old, she's been with Robin and Henry, who drove all the way to North Carolina to pick her up. . .in a Hooter's parking lot (Robin shared this silly detail gleefully).


What would readers not know about Happy, just by looking at her?

"Like any dog, she's protective. She's small, but she's still a dog. Plus, she goes after flies," Henry said.

"Flies?!" I asked.

"Happy! There's a fly! Get it!"

Immediately, her ears perked up, her shoulders squared, and all four limbs moved swiftly and silently. The "boingin'" sprite became a fierce huntress, stalking and ready.

"What does she do when she catches them?" I asked.

"Oh. She never catches them," Henry chuckled, "but she'll chase them, even on the walls!"



  1. What a cutie! And the part about Happy trying to catch flies is the best.

  2. She was an adorable pup. It was hard to photograph her adorable ears, cuz she would pull them back when she was happy!